Customer’s Review/Testimonials

Beside home consumer, we have also supply LED Lights to offices(TOP 3 media), workshop and Condominium like Newton edge and Flame tree park.

CUSTOMER’S HOUSE- 12Watt LED Downlights

HOME - 12 watt LED Downlight

Newton Edge

Newton Edge Condominium



LED Flat Panel Downlights


Thanks for great service. The lights worked well and the 12W downlights are really bright with no flicker. It is bright enough ~ by Marcus

Marcus’s Classy House(12watt Square Flat Panel white, 6 & 12 Watt SQ Warm Flat Panel white)

Ben’s in-progress renovation house

TESTIMONIAL~Ben(6watt Square Flat Panel)

My neighbours think my driveway is a car showroom!The lights are really bright and brings the shine out of my car now!

TESTIMONIAL~Terence driveway (12watt Round Flat Panel white)


Quote “The LED lights is bright enough for living room & bedrooms”

TESTIMONIAL~Desmond’s Cozy home (12watt LED Flat Panel Square White)


item comes in good/new condition, good buy, cheap and nice. I will recommend your parts to friends.

TESTIMONIAL~Faizah~aidah’s love nest(12watt Square Flat Panel white)

LED T5 Tube

12 watt Led downlight
12 watt Led downlight

Quote “whole house installed with T5 as cove lighting. Warm white embience is good.”

TESTIMONIAL ~ Eric stylo home( 4 ft LED T5 Tube warm white)

12 watt Led downlight

Ben’s in-progress renovation house

TESTIMONIAL ~ Ben (LED 4 ft T5 Tube warm white)

12 watt Led downlight

Quote “used T5 tube in toilet/washrooms. it is nice and bright enough”

TESTIMONIAL ~ Desmond’s Cozy Home (LED 4 ft T5 Tube warm white)

LED Downlights

12 watt Led downlight

Love the lights! it looks great! Thank you led light singapore for providing high quality item at great low price!

Sebastian (7watt & 12watt LED downlight white)

12 watt Led downlight

“Love the light effect on my TV console” nice!

Eric (7watt LED Downlight Warm White)

LED Track SpotLights

7watt LED Track SpotLights-testimonial
7watt LED Track SpotLights-testimonial

Roger’s Cafe@ 368 Tg Katong Rd (7watt LED TrackLight)

Roger’s Cafe@ 368 Tg Katong Rd (7watt LED TrackLight-warm white)

LED Surface Panel Ceiling lights

Testimonial LED Surface Panel Ceiling Lights

“Ceiling lights as bright as flat panel downlight”

Desmond (12watt LED Surface Panel Ceiling light white)

LED T8 Tube

Quote “much brighter than the old FL tubes, now my workshop looks brighter and more welcoming. I’m saving quite a lot on electricity bill too!”

juzz FOR CARS workshop (1.2meter LED T8 tube white)

Quote “wow i was amazed how bright just these 4 tubes are! cheap and easy to replace. Now my front porch is bright enough to work as well!!!”

Torque5 workshop (1.2meter LED T8 Tube white)

MAN EXHAUST WORKS( T8 1.2m tubes white)

LED Candle flame bulb

fantastic service and great quality lights. The lights brighteness and build quality is beyong my expectations! Will definitely intro more friends!

Bendy’s lights for bridal shop – chere wedding and parties (LED Candle Flame bulb warm white)