Terms & Conditions


1. The warranty period for the following products as shown below: 
–  LED Downlights – 1 year
 – LED Bulb – 1 year
 – LED Ceiling lamps – 1 years (exclude the plastic cover, customer to double check the physical item on collection)
 – LED Surface Panel – 1 year
 – LED Flood lights – 1 year
 – LED Track lights – 1 year
 – LED Tubes – 1 year
 – LED Strips – 1month

IMPORTANT: you are required to show valid proof of purchase (Invoice/recipts when required), which must identify seller’s chop & signatures the point of purchase, date of purchase, product model clearly. Products exchanged without valid proof of purchase or which proof of purchase has been altered or illegible, shall be outside the cover by the limited warranty.

2. During the limited warranty period,LED Light Singapore will require FULL set of returned lights. upon bring it back, we will conduct a test on the product and do 1-1 exchange on the defective part. 
3. Items sold are not allowed to be refunded.

4. item sold are not allowed to be exchanged. Unless stated during upon item purchased. (used/installed light are not eligible for exchange)

5. Any cancellation of Items which ordered in www.ledlightsg.com shopping cart, 10% administration charges are required.

6. This limited warranty does not cover:

Claims for loss of use/inconveniences due to any malfunction, damages caused by lightening, water or other liquid intrusion, fire, flood, accident, negligence, misuse or improper handling/operation, damages to tapes and discs
Product that has been damaged due to installation, repairs, alteration or modification by unauthorized service organizations or persons
Product with model name, serial number or production number removed, altered, is illegible or appears different from the Product Type certified.
Defects or parts requiring replacement due to ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, rust or stains, scratches, dents on the casing or paintwork of the product.
Claims for damaged and/or missing parts (accessories) from the original date of goods received. Customer suppose to check the items upon receiving it.
 ** We trust customer’s that outstanding amount(including delivery fee) will be paid upon receive the goods.** LEDLightSG has right to void customer’s light warranty if:
 – customer has outstanding(delivery fee) amount yet refused to be cleared.

LED Light Singapore reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions if necessary.